About us

Founded in 1988

With 4 locations in Downtown Vancouver and 2 locations on Vancouver Island and over 100 team members, The Cambie Malone’s Group continues to provide its customers with the best value, customer service and product. We strive to provide an exciting experience at all of our locations through consistent great service and teamwork.

We believe we are industry leaders and innovators throughout all of our locations, which is contributed to hiring talented individuals whom we allow to expand along with the company’s growth.

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The Team

Head Office

Eddie P.Eddie P.

Eddie P.

Operations Manager Vancouver
Mariana B.Mariana B.

Mariana B.

Operations Manager
Shams A.Shams A.

Shams A.

People & Strategy
Mark P.Mark P.

Mark P.

Area Manager

Malone's Taphouse

Jeff L.Jeff L.

Jeff L.

General Manager
Samantha L.Samantha L.

Samantha L.

Assistant GM
Andrew Y.Andrew Y.

Andrew Y.

Bar Manager
Thomas L.Thomas L.

Thomas L.

Head Chef

The Cambie Bar

Torrance J.Torrance J.

Torrance J.

General Manager
Liam M.Liam M.

Liam M.

Assistant GM
Thomas L.Thomas L.

Thomas L.

Head Chef
Peter Q.Peter Q.

Peter Q.


Cambie Hostels

Victor C.Victor C.

Victor C.

Hostel Manager

Vancouver Island

Scarlet O.Scarlet O.

Scarlet O.

Island Operations Manager
Nelson J.Nelson J.

Nelson J.

Area Manager
Lynette J.Lynette J.

Lynette J.

Marketing Manager